Scripture Scripts

Piercing Word can create a custom public domain scripture script for your church, organization, or small group! These scripture scripts can be memorized, rehearsed, and presented to encourage others with the Word of God. They can also provide a direction for your small group Bible Study times as you study the same passages you are rehearsing to present. Let us know how we can serve you through the creation of custom public domain scripture scripts. This service is by suggested donation to the ministry of Piercing Word. That suggested donation may vary depending on the size and nature of the request. Once we hear of your interest, we will contact you to talk through cost and timeline. 

All scripture scripts that Piercing Word uses and performs are word for word from the ESV Bible (produced by Crossway Publishing) because of a licensing agreement that we have with Crossway. Crossway is an amazing publishing company, and they have been very generous to us. However, all scripture scripts that we create for others must be public domain scripts at this time (ex. KJV, ASV, etc., or a combination of copyrighted versions) All Bible translations are copyrighted and owned by a publishing company except for those translations that have lapsed into public domain. This only becomes a copyright issue when presenting material that is over 50% scripture or when presenting whole books of the Bible, which is all we do here at Piercing Word. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us!