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  October 7      Sermon on the Mount      6:00PM       St. John's Center UCC           


  October 8      Jonah & Sermon on the Mount      9:15AM        St. Thomas Church                   


  October 8      Ephesians      9:30AM        First United Methodist Church


  October 8      Sermon on the Mount      6:00PM                    Jonestown United Methodist Church 


  October 13      Jonah and Sermon on the Mount      8:00PM          Feet on the Street


  October 28      Jonah and Sermon on the Mount      5:45PM        Sonship Ministries


  November 8      Jonah and Sermon on the Mount      7:00PM                  Grace Brethern Church   (PRIVATE EVENT)


 November 12    Sermon on the Mount      8:30AM  &  11:30AM       Mt. Airy Bible Church


  November 12   Ephesians      10:30 AM       Bible Evangelical Methodist Church


  November 19    Discipleship Team Performance      6:00PM         Location TBD


  November 26     Grace Family Christmas           6:00PM         Grace Baptist Church


  December 1       Grace Family Christmas             7:00PM           Millport Mennonite Church


  December 2       Grace Family Christmas           PM        Bible Baptist Church


  December 3     Grace Family Christmas   10:00AM    Stony Brook Mennonite Church


  December 3     PW Presents: Grace Family Christmas  3:00PM & 6:00PM  Calvary Church  (Reserve your free tickets here!) 


  December 10     Grace Family Christmas   10:15AM     Millcreek Community Church


  December 10     Grace Family Christmas   AM     First United Methodist Church


  December 10     Grace Family Christmas   6:30PM     Bowmansville Mennonite Church


  December 22    Grace Family Christmas   10:00AM   Mennonite Home Communities


  December 24    Grace Family Christmas   9:30AM   DOVE Westgate Church


  December 31    Grace Family Christmas     AM        St. Mark's United Church of Christ