Daily Verse

Act with us!

Now casting for the 2017 Season!

Piercing Word presents the Scriptures in a unique way…The Scriptures are our Script! Use your acting talents and creativity to bring the Bible to life in one of our exciting presentations! 

We are looking to expand our cast and offer even more performances to fill the demands of our audience. God is truly blessing us with opportunities to share His Word! We are so excited to double and sometimes even triple cast our productions to allow for even more opportunities for people to hear the Word. 

This year we will be offering full-year contracts as well as Winter, Easter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas performance contracts. Contracts include information on performance stipends, location, and travel information. Most of our performances are within one hour of Lancaster, but we are looking to expand our reach. We also have an annual New England tour reaching up to Maine and a Southern tour in Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas. 

To audition:

APPLY: Fill out the fields below to apply.  Piercing Word will contact you to schedule an audition time slot and provide details. 

PREPARE:  A 1-2 minute memorized monologue taken directly from Bible using the English Standard Version (ESV).(You may choose a scripture that speaks to you personally or one of our suggested passages: Joshua 5:13-15. Psalm 3:1-6, Matthew 8:23-27) 

For a vocal audition:Prepare a 16-bar celection of an audition song of your choice to feature your vocal ability.

For accompaniment, please bring a digital file on your iPod or phone, CD, or sing a Capella. 

PRAY: We will pray for God’s guidance in this casting season and we look forward to see the talents’ God has given you! Please pray for our ministry and how you can use your talents to bless others through your performances.

For more information, email Katie@piercingword.org