Act with Piercing Word

We are looking to expand our cast and offer even more performances to fill the demands of our audience. God is truly blessing us with opportunities to share His Word! We are so excited to double and sometimes even triple cast our productions to allow for even more opportunities for people to hear the Word. 

Contracts are by performance (seasonal) or for calendar year ("Favorites" Performances.) Contracts include information on performance stipends, location, and travel information. Most of our performances are within one hour of Lancaster, but we are looking to expand our reach. We also have tours on the East Coast and in Texas.

Apply for an Audition

Audition Information:

Prepare a 1-2 minute memorized monologue taken directly from Bible using the English Standard Version (ESV).(You may choose a scripture that speaks to you personally or one of our suggested passages: Joshua 5:13-15. Psalm 3:1-6, Matthew 8:23-27) 

If you are also a singer: Prepare a 16-bar of an uptempo show tune and 16 bars of a ballad to feature your vocal ability. For accompaniment, please bring a digital file on your iPod or phone, CD, or sing a Capella.

Please submit an audition form using the link above.  Once your form is received, we will schedule you for an audition time slot on the next available audition day.


2019 Audition Dates:

January 19, April 14, July 21, October 13 

Audition FAQ:

When is the next Audition?

Our next 2019 Season Audition will be on Saturday, January 19 from 2-6pm in the Choir Room at Calvary Church, 1051 Landis Valley Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601. At this audition, we will be casting for the second half of our 2019 Season. 

Do I have to prepare a monologue from the Bible? Can't I just do a normal theatre monologue?

Due to the nature of our performances, we would prefer to see your interpretation of a Bible passage, as well as how well you are able to memorize. The Artistic Director may also ask you to repeat your Scripture monologue in various styles to see how well you take direction.

Do Piercing Word actors get paid?

Rehearsals are volunteer time, but once performances begin, actors receive a small stipend as a thank you for their time and to reimburse for travel expenses. The stipend is variable and is usually between $25-$50 a booking and depends on the love offerings and donations received at performances.

How often do you have rehearsals/performances?

Rehearsals are held 6 weeks before a performance begins touring. Usually 2-3 times a week. Rehearsals are often Sunday afternoons and one or two weeknights from 6-9pm. We expect performers to miss no more than 2 rehearsals due to conflicts, due to the intense rehearsal period. Contracts offered to performers will have a specific rehearsal dates listed.

Performances are variable, with Easter and Christmas time being much more busy, with the potential for 4-5 performances a week. Slower times may only have 1-2 performances a month. We double and triple cast shows to allow for scheduling flexibility with work schedules and to allow the acting team to attend their home church regularly.

Where do you rehearse?

We have several partner churches that allow us to use their facilities. Currently, we rehearse either at Calvary Church or Lancaster Evangelical Free Church.

Do you provide housing for out of town applicants?

Most of our actors are local, but we do have some local housing in the form of host homes for short term housing for out of town applicants. If you have recently graduated from high school or college and are looking for a next step or a summer opportunity, please see our intern page for more information about our Full-time Internship opportunities!

We also have short term tour contracts that would be ideal for an out of town performer, where you'd be on the road, staying in host homes or at Christian colleges along the tour route.

Do you have opportunities for children to act?

We are not currently casting children for the remainder of our 2018 season, but people of all ages are welcome to audition for our 2019 season at our upcoming auditions.  The next audition day is October 7, 2018.

Our Summer Theatre Camp would be a great opportunity for children 10-18. It is a one week day camp offered each summer. Please check Piercing Word's Summer Camp page for more information.