Become an Audio Technician

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an Audio Technician with Piercing Word. As a Contracted Audio Tech at Piercing Word, you will be expected to run sound at Piercing Word performances and rehearsals.

Audio Tech Application

Responsibilities Include:

  • Attending the last 2-3 rehearsals before we open a new scripture performance in order to learn the production sound cues, microphone needs, and overall flow of the performance.

  • Set up and tear down of all sound equipment at each venue location

  • Performing a sound check for actors approximately an hour before the performance. (Each venue sound check time will vary slightly)

  • Running the sound board and audio cues during Piercing Word Performances

  • Reporting any needed repairs or microphone replacements to the Stage Manager at each performance to be recorded in the Stage Manager Booking Report.

Schedule and Compensation:

This is a contracted position. Please submit an inquiry to find out more about compensation. Thank you! 


Audio Tech FAQ:

How often do you have rehearsals/performances?

Rehearsals are held 6 weeks before a performance begins touring. Usually 2-3 times a week. Rehearsals are often Sunday afternoons and one or two weeknights from 6-9pm.

Performances are variable, with Easter and Christmas time being much more busy, with the potential for 4-5 performances a week. Slower times may only have 1-2 performances a month.

Where do you rehearse?

We have several partner churches that allow us to use their facilities. Currently, we rehearse either at Calvary Church or Lancaster Evangelical Free Church.

Do you provide housing for out of town applicants?

Most of our team members are local, but we do have some local housing in the form of host homes for short term housing for out of town applicants. If you have recently graduated from high school or college and are looking for a next step or a summer opportunity, please see our intern page for more information about our Full-time Internship opportunities!

We also have short term tour contracts that would be ideal for an out of town audio tech, where you'd be on the road, staying in host homes or at Christian colleges along the tour route.