2019 IGNiTE Internship Opportunities:

We are currently looking for 5 Full-time interns to start Fall, 2019!

4 Performance Interns. 1 Production Intern.

Piercing Word’s internship program exists to IGNiTE passion for the Word of God in the heart of the Church by training disciples in areas of Spiritual Growth, Theatrical Production, and Professional Administration so as to better equip young artists to be excellent servant leaders in their churches and respective work environments.

Piercing Word is a non-profit ministry and meets the requirements for many college-credited internships and Christian service programs. Interns will work 40 hours a week. Housing and a small monthly stipend are provided.

Spiritual Growth

- Interns will attend a weekly Bible study led by Piercing Word staff
- Interns will meet with a spiritual mentor each week for prayer and
- Interns will meet with a peer each week for spiritual accountability

Theatrical Production

Performance Track Training

- Interns will learn and perform various Piercing Word scripture
- Interns will tour to various locations (locally and nationally) on a weekly
basis as representatives of Piercing Word
- Interns will learn to lead Scripture memorization workshops
- Interns will take master classes in acting offered by professionals in the

Production Track Training

- Interns will learn and use the Piercing Word audio board for various
Piercing Word scripture presentations
- Interns will learn how to stage manage Piercing Word productions
- Interns will tour to various locations (locally and nationally) with
performance teams on a weekly basis as representatives of Piercing Word
- Interns will take master classes in theatrical production offered by
professionals in the industry

Professional Administration

- Interns will shadow members of the Piercing Word staff on a weekly basis,
learning secondary skills relevant to their fields of interest. Skills include:
Team Management, Office Administration, Script Arrangement, Social
Media in Business and Bookings Coordination
- Interns will cultivate leadership as they learn to lead each other in prayer,
Bible study, worship, and various other spiritual disciplines.
- Interns will take an active role in leading high school and middle school
students in Piercing Word’s Summer Camp

Summer Internships Available June - August
Year Internships Available September - May

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Our Current IGNiTE Interns




"This internship gave me hands-on experience in many areas and grew my skills as a communicator through performance, writing, social media, and other means. It expanded my understanding of what’s involved in running a small non-profit, and I’m entering college with a clearer vision of what I will do with my degree."

Esther Eaton
Liberty University ‘21
Acting Intern 2017



Patryk Smith
Pequea High School ‘17
Stage Management/Audio Intern 2016-17

Join us in creating drama that

brings the scriptures to life!


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Brad Myer Headshot HF.jpg

Brad Myer

Brad Myer is very excited to join the Piercing Word team as an IGNiTE intern! He was born and raised in Lancaster, PA, and is a recent high school graduate. He has been performing in local professional and community theatres since age seven, including Sight and Sound Theatres, Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, Cavod Theatre, Lancaster Bible College, and Servant Stage Company. Brad has also performed previously with Piercing Word in their productions of James, 1st John, Jonah, and Christmas Through the Ages. As an intern, he has been performing in Ecclesiastes, Sermon on the Mount: The Musical, Jonah, Romans Highlights, Philippians, and other Scripture Performances. He is very thankful for this opportunity to grow as an actor and serve the Lord with this outstanding ministry.

Mandee Kline Headshot.jpeg.jpg

Mandee Kline

Mandee Kline, is so grateful for this amazing opportunity as an IGNiTE intern! She is a recent high school graduate and has been performing in theatre for over 7 years. Mandee has performed with Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, 246 The Main, Creative Works of Lancaster, and Servant Stage Company. She will be performing Jonah, Sermon on the Mount: the Musical and other scripture performances. Mandee is so thankful to be given the opportunity to grow as a performer, glorify God, and ignite the passion of the Word of God in the hearts of others. 

Robert Thacker Headshot.jpg

Robert Thacker

Robert Thacker is the Production Intern for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 season.  In 2017 he hosted and produced a podcast on Christian media.  He is a collector and keeper of great books (especially fantastical adventures and stories of ages past).  Robert has an enduring passion for the impact of storytelling orally, visually, and prosaically through his novel writing.  As a part of the Piercing Word team he is excited to bring the Word of God to the ears of the Church.

Maddie Miller Headshot.jpg

Maddie Miller

Madeline Miller is a homeschool graduate from Indiana, Pennsylvania. She has been in three musicals with her local homeschool fellowship group, including Esther, Pilgrim, and Anne of Green Gables. Maddie is excited to join the Piercing Word team, and to grow closer to God, as well as expand her performing arts skills.