2019 Seasonal Features


Passion: The Musical

March 10 – April 28
Experience the last supper, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through Piercing Word’s musical presentation of the Easter story. This performance includes passages from all four gospels and original music with scripture lyrics! 5 performers. 50 minutes. More details »

The One Story

June 1 – September 1
Experience God’s ultimate plan of redemption told from the beginning of time to eternity future.  Framed around Jesus’ conversation on the Emmaus Road, this piece incorporates original orchestrations and brings beautiful clarity to the Bible and God’s plan for redemption. More details »

Parables of Jesus

September 3 – November 26
This colorful performance features an African storyteller who, together with a small ensemble, brings the parables of Jesus to life through stylized movement and sound. More details »

Christmas Through the Ages

December 1 – December 31
See the story of Christ's birth passed down through the ages from Luke, to a Medieval Monk, to Victorian Carolers, to a modern day mother and child decorating a Christmas tree. This performance includes Luke 1-2 as well as other passages, and it is interlaced with original scripture music as well as some songs from Handel's Messiah such as the Hallelujah Chorus! 45 minutes. Musical. Performed 6 performers. 45 minutes in . More details »

Year-Round Favorites 


Ruth focuses on how God uses the faithfulness of Ruth and Boaz to reverse the curses of Genesis 3 and continue the line of David, which God ultimately uses to bring about the birth of Jesus. More details »
Sermon on the Mount: the Musical puts Matthew 5-7, Jesus' most famous sermon to original music. Hear His words as he explains the Old Testament laws and how although man looks on the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart. 35-40 minutes. Musical. 5 performers. More details »
This fun, fast-paced performance includes the entire book of Jonah word-for-word from the ESV Bible. It tells the story of the prophet Jonah and his obedience - or lack thereof - to follow God’s call to preach to the people of Nineveh. Laugh along as the actors become various props, set pieces, and characters that Jonah meets along his journey! Have your heart stirred by the truth of God’s heart for the lost in this “whale of a tale”! More details »
See through the eyes of a child and a prison inmate through a modern day retelling of one of the most beloved chapters of the Bible. These two dynamic scenes highlight the truths found in this passage about our imprisonment to sin and our adoption into the family of God upon faith in Jesus Christ. Performed by 2 actors. 8 minutes in length. More details »

Available by Request 



Available by request
Join Paul in his prison cell as he teaches the secret of rejoicing in all circumstances. This modern day representation is performed by 3 actors. 16 minutes. More details »


Available by request
James introduces practical and relevant instructions for godly living. A simple, yet dramatic 2 person performance. 15 minutes. More details »

Selected Psalms

Available by request
Favorite psalms accompanied with piano underlay. Presented by a solo performer. Running time varies depending on passages selected. More details »