Past Performances

The exciting book of Esther is told with creativity and imagination by a six person cast. 30 minutes. More details »
A six person cast performs excerpts from the book of Daniel, taking the audience on a journey through the most exciting highlights of Daniel’s life. 16 minutes. More details »
Take a journey through Scripture through the eyes of Women of the Bible. Experience the tension between Sarah and Hagar that fades to the faithfullness of God, the blessing of Rachel and the redemption of Leah; and put aside your daily struggles of life to sit at the feet of Jesus with Mary and Martha. Performed by 3 actors. The performance is in three 10 minute vignettes that can be performed together or separately. More details »
Three of Jesus' parables acted out in a fresh, modern way by 4 actors. 5 minutes. More details »
Piercing Word's newest original musical! Church lady Edie has invited the Grace Family to perform at church for Christmas. There's only one problem: the family's late! Watch as Edie tries to step in and save the performance until the family comes to the rescue. Grace Family Christmas combines the traditional Christmas Story word for word from Luke 1 & 2 along with prophetic passages about the coming Messiah. The family plays real instruments in a blue-grass style contributing to the family fun! 45 minutes. Musical. 5 performers. More details »
Witness the powerful story of Jesus and the woman at the well! Let God's word quench your spiritual thirst as Jesus supplies the Samaritan woman's longing for spiritual truth. Performed by 2 actors. 4 minutes in length. More details »
Experience the last supper, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through Piercing Word’s dramatic presentation of the Easter story. Performed by a five person cast using passages from all four gospels. 30 minutes. More details »
See the entire book of Ephesians come to life as Paul imagines a home church in Ephesus receiving his letter. Paul's words encourage the church to live a holy and Christ-like life. 25 minutes. Drama. 5 performers. More details »
A modern-day Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy encourage the church of Thessalonica not to be idle as they themselves work night and day tent making and ministering the gospel. Performed by cast of three actors. 25 minutes in length. More details »
A preacher, a teacher, an evangelist, and a prison chaplain encourage one another to hold fast to the faith and to proclaim the truths of Hebrews to those around them. The entire book of Hebrews is performed by a four person cast. 50 minutes. More details »
A modern day re-telling of the life of Peter. The book is dramatically portrayed showing how we can endure trials if we stand firm in the faith. Performed by 5 actors. 18 minutes. More details »
A beautifully unique performance of the entire book of 1st John, combing drama, dance, and music. Performed by a seven person cast. 18 minutes. More details »
Be immersed in talk of the resurrection culminating in a stunning portrayal of the wedding ceremony of the Lamb. A four person cast performs 1 Corinthians 15, Romans 11, Revelation 7, 21-22. 15 minutes. More details »
Enter the lives of five small group members as they proclaim the truths of 1 John on the street, in the classroom, on the radio, in the newspaper, and in film. This is our first sermon starter video. 4 minutes. More details »