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General and Taking the Challenge

What is the #3VerseChallenge?

The #3VerseChallenge is a scripture memory challenge circulated on social media. Participants memorize 3 consecutive Bible verses, video themselves reciting these verses, and post the video to social media with #3VerseChallenge, tagging and challenging three friends to do the same. They do this within 24 hours of being challenged.

To see the challenge explained in more detail, watch this short video.

I’ve been challenged. What do I do?

  1. Accept the challenge and choose 3 consecutive verses.
  2. Memorize your verses
  3. Video yourself reciting them
  4. Post the video to social media with #3VerseChallenge
  5. Tag and challenge three friends to do the same
  6. Finish it all within 24 hours!

It's been more than 24 hours. Can I still do it?


The 24 hour deadline creates accountability, urgency, and momentum. But if you didn't see your challenge in time, if you were traveling, or if you were otherwise unable, don't let that stop you!

Keep the excitement and motivation of the challenge by setting a three day goal. Three verses in three days--go!

This sounds hard. Can I do it?

Short answer: yes!

Three verses are just a few sentences. With a little concentration and creativity, anyone can memorize 3 verses in 24 hours. You’ll be surprised how simple it is! For memorization tips, click here.

How do I choose my verses?

You can choose any three consecutive verses, which gives you over 31,000 options.

Overwhelmed? Choose a verse you already know and love, and memorize the surrounding verses.

Wait, I can already know a verse?

That’s right. You may already know ONE verse, and memorize two others.

So, if you pick John 3:16, you could memorize John 3:14-16, or 3:15-17, or 3:16-18. It’s up to you!

Do they have to be consecutive? Why?

Yes. Memorizing verses together keeps Scripture in its context, helping us understand its intended meaning. The #3VerseChallenge is meant to help you do that!

I didn't use consecutive verses! Do I have to redo it?

While the challenge is meant to use three consecutive verses, don't worry if you completed it without realizing. You're helping to flood the internet with scripture, and that's something to celebrate!

But...consider tackling three consecutive verses as your next memory challenge!


Where can I see people taking the challenge?

You can see the inaugural #3VerseChallenge video by our founder Aaron House here.

You can find other challenge videos by searching social media for #3VerseChallenge.

Do I have to donate if I take the challenge?

No. By taking the challenge, you’re already memorizing God’s word and challenging your friends to do the same. Praise God!

But donating will help Piercing Word challenge even more people to memorize God’s word for themselves, so donating will help maximize your impact. Technically the challenge is “do it or donate,” but you can do it and donate!

To donate, click here.

Do I have to be challenged to participate?

No! You can be the one to launch the #3VerseChallenge in your community.

Can I challenge my church, school, or other organization?

Absolutely! Click here to learn how.

When does it start?

The #3VerseChallenge began April 23rd 2017 at 3pm.

When does it end?

The first #3VerseChallenge will end April 23rd 2018 at 3pm. Until then, take the challenge!



Posting Your Video

What should I include in my post?

1. Your Video: Recite your verses.

2. #3VerseChallenge: This hashtag connects you to the challenge.

3.  Three Friends: Tag and challenge!

4.  Helpful Links: Link to this video to explain the challenge to friends.

How can I help people find my video?

You can increase the impact of your video by...

1) Making it public, so that anyone can view your verses.

2) Including #3VerseChallenge, so that people searching can find your video.

3) Including www.3VerseChallenge.org in the description, so people can find more information here.

Even if you don't make it public, be sure to include #3VerseChallenge and link to the website!

How do I post my video to social media?

For Facebook uploads, read this tutorial.

For Youtube uploads, read this tutorial.

For Instagram uploads, read this tutorial.

If you still need help, find a willing friend!




How do I donate?

You can click here to donate online. Or you can mail a check made out to Piercing Word, 1821 Oregon Pike, Suite 210 Lancaster, PA 17601

Why should I donate?

Piercing Word exists to ignite passion for the word of God in the heart of His church. Our goal is to help Christians know and love God’s word, and we are a nonprofit supported entirely by generous donors.



About Piercing Word

What does PW do?

We present scripture in dramatic and musical presentations word for word from the ESV Bible live on stage.

In other words, the scripture is our script!

With our team of 30-40 actors, we give creative scripture presentations at churches, schools, prisons, retirement communities, conferences, and organizations of all types.

At every performance, we challenge our audiences to memorize God’s word for themselves.

What impact does PW have?

We love to tell God-stories of people inspired to memorize scripture after our performances, and we often feature them in our newsletters (click here to subscribe).

Here’s a sample: a young woman from Maine saw us perform and it totally changed her perspective on scripture. She memorized all of Philippians and later performed it—and now she’s interning with us!

How can I find out more?

You can explore our website, starting here.

Or you can check out our Facebook page here.

Sign up for our email newsletter here.

If you want to see us in action, come to Piercing Word Presents, our free public performances at Calvary Church in Lancaster, PA. Click here to see our upcoming dates, and here to see our 2017 Season.

I want to get involved with PW. What can I do?

Thanks for your interest! See volunteer opportunities here, then email us: katie@piercingword.org

I want PW to perform for my group!

You can refer us to your organization or begin booking us by clicking here.

How will donated funds be allocated?

Donated funds will be used to bring scripture performances, the gospel message, and the challenge to memorize God’s Word to more and more people!

I donated but haven’t received my receipt.

Piercing Word mails donation receipts every January. Please look for your tax deductable donation receipt in the mail at that time. Thank you for supporting the ministry! 

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