3 Verse Challenge

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What is the 3 Verse Challenge?

The 3 Verse Challenge is a scripture memory challenge circulated on social media. Participants memorize 3 consecutive Bible verses, video themselves reciting these verses, and post the video to social media with #3VerseChallenge, tagging and challenging three friends to do the same. They do this within 24 hours of being challenged.

To see the challenge explained in more detail, watch this short video.

I’ve been challenged. What do I do?

  1. Accept the challenge and choose 3 consecutive verses.
  2. Memorize your verses
  3. Video yourself reciting them
  4. Post the video to social media with #3versechallenge
  5. Tag and challenge three friends to do the same
  6. Finish it all within 24 hours!

How can I help people find my video?

You can increase the impact of your video by...

1) Making it public, so that anyone can view your verses.

2) Including #3VerseChallenge, so anyone searching can find your video.

3) Including www.3VerseChallenge.org in the description, so anyone can learn more.

Even if you don't make it public, be sure to include #3VerseChallenge and link to the website!




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